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Lists (Part 1)

Here is a list of 5 lists I shall list, for the sake of lists (and posting tonight). Also, none of these are in order, necessarily. Enjoy!

List # 1: Things I like:
1. Coffee.
2. Music (within the lengths of what we would call “good” music, “good” being subjective to myself.)
3. Saying I can rap.
4. Food.
5. Christmasand not just because I get stuff, but because it feels good to enjoy family and friends’ company, and I get to give presents to the ones I love, and that feels good on the inside. 
6. Humor (when it’s funny).
7. Coffee from Starbucks.
8. Receiving unexpected compliments from people.
9. Free stuff.
10. Girls (possibly one in particular. The world may never know…).

List # 2: Things I don’t like:
1. Homework. Especially the tedious type.
2. (Most) Christmas Music.
3. When people ignore my texts, or won’t talk on the phone. Not a serious issue, just bugs me a little…
4. Lack of 4G in my area.
5. The Friend-zone.
6. 2 Chainz’s rapping.
7. Obnoxious and Pretentious Hipsters.
8. When others accuse me of being an Obnoxious and Pretentious Hipster.
9. Being broke.
10. When someone asks me if I wanna go somewhere, and I wanna go, but I have to say, “No”.

List # 3: Things I want for Christmas:
1. A ’59 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (that’s a guitar, a really, really nice guitar).
2. Starbucks money (in the form of gift cards, not actual money).
3. Actual Money.
4. A Macintosh/Apple computer. More than anything, a Macbook Pro.
5. Snow here in Colorado. Seriously, it has been waaaay too dry so far this year.
6. A cool looking coat for the winter that’s not too bulky.
7. My two front teeth.
8. A free subscription to a cool guitar magazine. Guitar World, maybe?
9. A cool Mic to start recording, and the latest FL Studio.
10. World Peace A Bear Grylls Survival knife. The cool one, with the fire-starter.

List # 4: Songs I recommend:
1. “Stairway to Heaven”, by Rodrigo y Gabriela.
2. “Can’t Hold Us”, by Macklemore X Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
3. “Round Midnight”, by Wes Montgomery
4. “What You Know”, by Two Door Cinema Club
5. “A Beautiful Mess”, by Jason Mraz
6. “Mister Rodgers”, by Grynch (Shout out to the man himself, Mr. Grynch, for replying to me on twitter, and recommending this song himself! Pretty cool, right?)
7. “Satellite”, by Rise Against
8. “Oxford Comma”, by Vampire Weekend
9. “I’m Gonna Find Another You”, by John Mayer
10. “Still Got Love”, by Blue Scholars

List # 5: Things I recommend you don’t do:
1. Get into a car accident. Vehicular, of course, but please avoid them especially when you are a pedestrian.
2. Kill frogs.
3. Grow up.
4. Eat people.
5. Belittle others.
6. Disrespect women, or elders, or women-elders. Or Elder-women.
7. Blog.
8. Run over Pedestrians.
9. Badmouth a friend…behind his back.
10. Make lists.