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Why Loneliness is “Okay” (Sometimes)

So, I admit today was probably not the most fun day. Besides studying for finals (yay…), and other non-social activities of the day, I had a lot of time to think. Now I know what most of you are thinking, “Uh-oh….”, but hear me out.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about loneliness (which actually makes a lot of sense to think about in my peudo-isolation). At some point I probably texted a lot of my friend (sorry, guys…) asking them a simple question, “Do you ever have the feeling that even when you’re surrounded by people, you’re still alone?” The results were astounding. And by “astounding”, I mean nobody texted me back when I asked them that question (thanks, guys…).

“Well, what does this mean, Jorge?” Well, this means one of two things: a). They’re all doing something busy, more than likely studying for finals, or out with other friends, or something like that, or b). They just feel like ignoring me, and stuff…

…Oh, that’s not what what you meant, ME? Get you’re stuff straight…

Well, if you meant, “Where are you going with this post?”, then I shall tell you. I feel like loneliness, as much as it might suck, isn’t all that bad. I mean, sure, we humans are social creatures by nature, and social interaction is what helps humans stay sane, but there’s plus sides to being alone. (But never alone for TOO long!)

When you are truly alone, you are probably in the best place to be to figure things out. If you ave a problem or an issue that’s bugging you, of course getting advice is only a natural course of action. But when you have advice from multiple sources, and then you give yourself time to think about the issue, you’ll figure what’s best in your scenario.  Plus, in an intimacy with nature, and with your own thoughts and calmness, inspiration seems to come like a lightning bolt. I’ve never felt more inspired than when I’m with no one but myself (that, of course, is wisdom for all of my creative thinkers, out there).

Now, this is where I ask you what I asked all my friends over random-text today: “Do you ever have the feeling that even when you’re surrounded by people, you’re still alone?”.

I feel like that a lot. I especially feel like that being the new kid at school. Of course, I don’t let it get to me. I mean, most of these kids have known each other for the last few years, if not even longer. It’s nothing to be surprised by. And I’m not surprised. But I still feel that loneliness strike me in the heart, and consume me. I feel the ebb and flow of the tides of darkness enter my heart and swallow me whole, taking every part of me not tied down by the few things I can still hold onto in my sanity. Or something like that.

Enough of the pity-party, though. I haven’t been nearly as alone as I let myself believe. I have good friends (who don’t text back…), and family and people that care about me. So don’t thinking I’m depressed or anything, I’m fine.

But this loneliness that I’m now talking about can’t be something that only I experience. So let me know what’s on your mind, if you ever feel like that too, or if you are feeling like that now and want to talk (or if you just want to talk). There’s a comment section underneath, follow me (tweet @jpthepalacios) [http://twitter.com/jpthepalacios], or post something on my Facebook, or message me through Facebook  [http://facebook.com/thedailyjorge]. Until next post, Peace!…