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Two Life Updates!

So, I have two life updates, one good, one bad, and I want to end on a good note, so…

Life Update #1: So, today has been a very trying day. It’s just been exceptionally difficult, and I carry a little xtra sadness in my heart, today. If you find yourself a person of prayer, please pray for me.

Since that’s a little depressing, let’s all get cheered up!

Life Update #2: Over the weekend, I was bored, and I made a video (comprised of Snapchats) with my roommate. The Snapchats were shared, via my Snapchat, but seeing as that only last 24 hours, and I know not a lot of people got the chance to see it, here it is, in all of it’s terribly edited glory!

Please share, if you feel so inclined. More youtube stuff to come, soon!