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Where I’ve Been/Where I’m Going

Today was a special day for me.

Today I got the opportunity to visit some of the places that I so often credit with my being the person I am today.

I visited my Alma Mater (High School), as well as the house that kept me while I was there.

At my High School I spent some time talking to my old teachers. I happened to visit during the two week period in which Juniors and Seniors are away serving the community, and growing on individuals, so I didn’t see any students that I knew, though it did give me more time to spend with teachers who taught me as an upperclassmen, as they teach mostly upperclassmen.

I talked with many people, about many things. I also made a new friend. The best part, though, was probably getting to see my own growth, after such a fantastic amount of time away from a place I cherish. It’s incredible to see how far I’ve come, as well as how younger classes have really grown, and how the future of this place is secure in the hands it’s in.

It was also interesting to visit the home that I lived in for my time at my old High School. The new scholars all seem to be doing so well, and it’s always encouraging to see the kids I grew up with growing up as well and succeeding in their own right.

Really, I’m grateful for the visit.

The snow on the drive back was… not so pleasant. But worth it, for the day I had.

Thank you, all.



The Lamest Post in a While…

So, this will be a lame post. I’m not going to beat around the bush. If you want to stop reading here, I will leave that option open to you. If now, then I’m sorry. I just don’t have anything interesting to say. But, try and enjoy, I guess…

I’m at my parents house. I will be back for school tomorrow. I have a single day of class, and then three days of finals. And then I’m back again at my parents house. For two weeks or so? And then I have service projects! Oooooh, I’m working at a place with horses, where they are used for therapy for children with disabilities. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, working with children, AND horses.

Also, Denver Zoo Lights. I have never been. I kind of want to go. I think it would be a blast. I want to take my girlfriend. I just don’t know when I could take her… But I want to go. Also, with some friends that also wanted to go. It just sounds like a lot of fun, with the animals, and the lights, and the night, and with fun people.

I guess the only thing I’m doing right now is stating things, and hoping for other things. And getting ready for finals week. Except I could really use some tea. And some sleep. But mostly some tea.

What am I doing here again? Oh, right, posting a nonsensical blog post.

Go to sleep, already. Peace!…