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Post-Valentine’s Day Disorder

It is strange. The number of people who have been afflicted by this disease this year. Post Valentine’s Day disorder usually doesn’t affect this many people each year. The disorder affects two different populations: those who have fallen out of love with someone due to a very bad experience on the 14th, and those who, for a lack of someone to call their “Valentine”, this year, seem to be more angsty, sad, or simply “out-of-it”. The disease is a serious one, but can be treated in time with periods of realizing that relationships aren’t necessary to be happy, and that  there are plenty of people out there.

If you seem to have any of these symptoms for the indicated reasons, contact a local physician. Thank you.

Sharing Love With Others

Well, today’s my older brother Miguel’s Birthday. I love my brother, so this is actually important to me. So, congrats Bro, on being the first person to receive a “Birthday Shout-out” on the blog.

Oh, and Happy Birthday.

Well, I was gonna post about sharing love with others, but it’s been a weird day. I had school, of course, but I also left after school to go to my parents house, which I am now at. It’s good though, because that’s actually really awesome I get to see my parents, and relax. But, since I just got here, I am really tired and don’t know what I wanted to say. Okay. Yeah, sorry. Just,… go share love, with others. Okay, cool. Sorry. Peace!