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Unnecessary Shredding?

So, I’m not the biggest fan of Taylor Swifts’ song, “Blank Space.” Which is fine, I don’t mind it a ton, and I find it’s not worth despising every song that you don’t necessarily “like.” It’s very “meh.”

But, I found this video, and I think it’s brilliant!

The guitarist for Saturday Night Live, Jared Scharff, does some very Brian May style soloing (shredding) over the final chorus of Taylor’s song, and I just love it.

“I’m playing my custom Fano Pelham Blue burst JM6, which was made by Dennis Fano himself,” Scharff says. “I was either using a Sixties Vox AC-30 or a Divide by 13 through an Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz.”

Of course, I saw this thanks to the people over at Guitar World magazine, so there’s that article, linked.