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DC, Day 1: Sleep Deprivation and That Cool Jesuit Guy I Met

Alright, so recap on the trip thus far:

-Slept a half hour last night, almost woke up late (I tied to not sleep in an effort to wake up in time).

-Was ready to leave by 3:45 pm. Left around 4 pm (as planned).

-Got to DIA around 4:30. Checked in, no problem, ate a bagel, got on plane by 5:45.

-Slept on plane to Chicago for most of trip.

-Arrived in Chicago. Had McDonalds breakfast. Left Chicago at 11 am (Chicago time).

-Arrive in DC at 1:30-ish (DC time). Head to hotel where the ladies in my delegation are staying, met an alum of a Jesuit High School/College from the 80s. He gives us his blessing for the trip.

-Eat the foods (lunch?).

-Check in to the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. Do some fun things.

-Dinner break (alone, because I’m bad at not getting separated from group. Good thing I’m good on my own.)

-Meet back up with group. Cry during documentary screening/prayer service for Jesuit Martyrs since 1972.

-Find delegation from ol’ High School, because I’m staying in same hotel as them, and things.

-Meet Fr. James Martin, SJ:

-Freak out over meeting Fr. James Martin, SJ.

-Go to hotel.

-Write blog post.

So, that’s it so far. It’s been a crazy day, and I’m still technically running off of less than two hours of (maybe) sleep.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet so far. Such as Fr. James Martin, SJ.




So, I have a lot of people in my life. I mean, there are my parents, of course, and also my brother, all the guys I live with, my other family members, and then a huge list of people that all seem to fall under one specific category: friends.

Friendship is really a cool sort of thing. I mean, friends are people you’re not necessarily related to, but that mean something, and that you still care about. Someone once said that friends are the family we get to pick. In such a case, I must’ve picked a damn good family. Honestly, friends mean a lot. They will never replace the family you do have, but they can come really close to being almost like family. But we never seem to be very pleased with this term. And for good reason. “Friend”, for me, is a very broad term. It can mean someone we kind of know, and that we might only have known for a few weeks/months, or someone we might’ve known most of our lifetime.

I have one really good friend, besides my brother, who I have known for the past ten years of MY lifetime. We’ve been good friends since Elementary School, and he and I still try to keep in touch, despite distance and busy schedules. I actually get to hang out with him tomorrow, which I am very excited for.

I also have friends, and fairly close ones, at that, whom I have only known for the past few weeks/months. These friends, of course, I don’t know nearly as well as I know my other friend (Erik), but I might because almost as close to these people as I am to him. It all just depends.

Sometimes I feel alone. I mean, we all do, but we all also seem to forgot the wonderful people in our lives. Don’t forget. Alright, cool. Peace!