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What are Links?

Yo, some links.

So, I read a really beautiful article about carnitas. If you don’t know what they are, they’re the best kind of meat for tacos, and celebrations. And if you think that you had them once at Taco Bell, then you definitely haven’t.

Here’s the link to the essay written about the topic. And here is a recipe, if you want that.


If you don’t know what to change about your life this new year, and that sort of thing interests you, I’m very sad to say that you’re almost a week into 2016, and maybe you should have thought of this beforehand?

Anyway’s, here’s a link to satiate your appetite, regardless.

It’s a quiz. Here was my answer.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.08.14 PM

Obviously they were correct, but your luck might not be as great as mine.

Alright, I’m out.




So, I know, it’s Buzzfeed, but, I really like this video:


Also, I have found myself, as far as personality goes, as Paul, Mo, and Miloh (played by Quinta, who is my probably favorite Buzzfeed person). Also, the first minute of the video basically sums up this semester, if you consider that I am all three characters in the video, at that point.

Honestly though, it’s a series, and a really good one at that. Check it out. It’s got lots of Quinta!

Anyways, here’s another video, just for fun.



So, I just watched this video:

It’s some of my favorite people at Buzzfeed learning how to survive for a night in the woods, and then doing it by themselves. It’s a lot more about humor and entertainment than it is necessarily about education in any way, but it’s still hilarious, and a little informative.

Honestly, I will hopefully be camping soon (I’ll have posts ready to go, so you won’t even notice), so this video got me so excited for that, although it will be, by no means, a “lone survivor” type of situation.