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Stream of Semi-Consciousness?

This post is dedicated to the people who have loved, and lost, and those who are no longer with us. May the souls of the innocent be cared for, and may they never be forgotten among us. “‘Everything happens for a reason’, they say, but I say there’s a reason things happen.” -Blue Scholars

There’s a Led Zeppelin poster hanging up in my room. (Actually, no there isn’t. There should be though, so I will act like there is one until I get around to buying one.) There is a calendar laying on the four-moths-to-one-page page on another wall. I have an amp in the weird corner, with a bulletin board on which I hang “important” things hanging above it. Next to that I have two guitars (my blue acoustic-electric, which is still in its case, and my Mexican 12-string, which is actually called a Bajo-Sexto) on stands, and a medium sized dresser with lots of drawers. On the other side of the Bulletin Board is the Bathroom door, which is also next to the foot of my bed, which lies on the opposite side as the dresser. My closet is about half of my wall on the other side of my room.  Next to my bed is a night stand, on which lies a bunch of junk.

Right now, I have my laptop on top of my bed. I am sitting next to the side of the bed, on top of a special drum called a “cajon”, which is made for people to sit on.

As I am typing, I get a text from a weird number I haven’t seen before. I text back and it turns out to be a friend of mine who’s number I hadn’t saved. I probably didn’t have it before, and am wondering if I gave him my number or not. No matter, there are plenty of other ways of him having gotten it, so I don’t really mind. I also see I have a message I didn’t notice from another friend I was texting. “Dang, I hope she doesn’t think I ignored that text.”, I think to myself.

I notice that I am typing a lot of things about what I’m doing and what I’m saying.

Too my right is an acoustic guitar I was playing earlier, and to my left is my Electric, which is still in its gig bag. I think about getting it out to play. Maybe “Chameleon”, by Herbie Hancock. Or maybe I will just mess around for a bit.

I come to and…


That has been an exploration of stream of consciousness writing, from myself. It was a little weird, and probably really boring. To compensate, I shall write humorously now:

So when people talk about stuff, a lot of the time  I have these little thoughts that creep up in my mind, saying things like, “Oh, tell us more about [ex: how your parents don’t love you],” or, “Wait, are you actually saying this stuff right now? Are these words actually coming out of your mouth right now?”. Suffice to say, I often times feel like punching people in the jawswhile they are making:  a). bogus or petty appeals,  b). attacks on someone else through really bad humor or logic, or  c). saying things that should be outright banned in public. Of course, I’m no angel, but if you’ve read my other posts as of yet, that’s probably nothing new.

So, I believe we need to educate everyone (yes everyone, even me) on what things we should and shouldn’t say, and to whom. Obviously you can say more to your friends than you can to strangers, but there are certain things even your friends shouldn’t have to hear you (or me) say.

For example, there is an explicit difference between having an honest and reasonable dislike for a teacher and, for example, calling her “Satan” when ever the opportunity to do so arises (i.e. someone mentions her name). [That’s an actual thing. Not my best or my worst example so far. Also, I apologize to the friend who’s example of this I’m using. Knowing you, you’ll probably either love me or hate me for doing so. No names, of course.]

I realize, though, how unrealistic of a goal this is. Sometimes, though, it is not the worst of us, but the best of us, that fall to the temptations of saying something really stupid. Such as myself. Take what you will from the use of the two last sentences.

Hey, maybe I’ll continue this ran tomorrow. Yeah! That sounds like a great idea! Check the rest of this rant tomorrow. Until then, peace!


Lists (Part 1)

Here is a list of 5 lists I shall list, for the sake of lists (and posting tonight). Also, none of these are in order, necessarily. Enjoy!

List # 1: Things I like:
1. Coffee.
2. Music (within the lengths of what we would call “good” music, “good” being subjective to myself.)
3. Saying I can rap.
4. Food.
5. Christmasand not just because I get stuff, but because it feels good to enjoy family and friends’ company, and I get to give presents to the ones I love, and that feels good on the inside. 
6. Humor (when it’s funny).
7. Coffee from Starbucks.
8. Receiving unexpected compliments from people.
9. Free stuff.
10. Girls (possibly one in particular. The world may never know…).

List # 2: Things I don’t like:
1. Homework. Especially the tedious type.
2. (Most) Christmas Music.
3. When people ignore my texts, or won’t talk on the phone. Not a serious issue, just bugs me a little…
4. Lack of 4G in my area.
5. The Friend-zone.
6. 2 Chainz’s rapping.
7. Obnoxious and Pretentious Hipsters.
8. When others accuse me of being an Obnoxious and Pretentious Hipster.
9. Being broke.
10. When someone asks me if I wanna go somewhere, and I wanna go, but I have to say, “No”.

List # 3: Things I want for Christmas:
1. A ’59 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (that’s a guitar, a really, really nice guitar).
2. Starbucks money (in the form of gift cards, not actual money).
3. Actual Money.
4. A Macintosh/Apple computer. More than anything, a Macbook Pro.
5. Snow here in Colorado. Seriously, it has been waaaay too dry so far this year.
6. A cool looking coat for the winter that’s not too bulky.
7. My two front teeth.
8. A free subscription to a cool guitar magazine. Guitar World, maybe?
9. A cool Mic to start recording, and the latest FL Studio.
10. World Peace A Bear Grylls Survival knife. The cool one, with the fire-starter.

List # 4: Songs I recommend:
1. “Stairway to Heaven”, by Rodrigo y Gabriela.
2. “Can’t Hold Us”, by Macklemore X Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton
3. “Round Midnight”, by Wes Montgomery
4. “What You Know”, by Two Door Cinema Club
5. “A Beautiful Mess”, by Jason Mraz
6. “Mister Rodgers”, by Grynch (Shout out to the man himself, Mr. Grynch, for replying to me on twitter, and recommending this song himself! Pretty cool, right?)
7. “Satellite”, by Rise Against
8. “Oxford Comma”, by Vampire Weekend
9. “I’m Gonna Find Another You”, by John Mayer
10. “Still Got Love”, by Blue Scholars

List # 5: Things I recommend you don’t do:
1. Get into a car accident. Vehicular, of course, but please avoid them especially when you are a pedestrian.
2. Kill frogs.
3. Grow up.
4. Eat people.
5. Belittle others.
6. Disrespect women, or elders, or women-elders. Or Elder-women.
7. Blog.
8. Run over Pedestrians.
9. Badmouth a friend…behind his back.
10. Make lists.

(How to Write a Blog Post)


The topic (in the title!) kind of explains the post, and considering how many articles (and such), there must be on the topic (somewhere, right?), I thought I’d take a different approach.

So, while there might not need to be any sort of structure, necessarily, there are certain things we do need. When I write, I like to hook my audience right away. (Read the very first line again…) I think you need to get a person’s attention before you can truly maintain it.

“But what do you do with a person’s attention once you have it, Jorge?” Whatever you want. Or in this case, whatever I want.

So, I had a dream I was in a dubstep video. It was horrible. There were two dudes, one dressed like Michael Jackson, and the other in a straight-jacket, and they were bleeding, and dancing, and torturing small animals, and then one started turning into smoke, and the other started doing something weird, I don’t even remember. I’m pretty sure I woke up out of breath and sweating. It was weird. And what made it weird was that the background was like a really green, open field with a beautiful, blue sky during the day time. It really messed with me.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Random stories help carry along the overall message of what you’re trying to get across. That’s another thing, have something you’re trying to give the audience. In this case, a bunch of nonsensical and ridiculous advice on writing a blog. Not that I encourage you all to write a blog, necessarily. Mostly because it isn’t all that great. This is also mostly just to fill another post, for another day, but I also want to explain my “process”, whatever that means…

And so, also include media. People love to hear, watch, and see things. So to conclude this post, everybody’s favorite rapping father, straight out of RJHS, Father Steele.

After thoughts:

Well, there that was. How does that compare to the first post? Leave comments, share with friends, etc.  Cool.  Peace!

What is this, I don’t even…?

So, this here, users of the internets, is a blog. But not just any blog, it is a Magical blog. Here, woodland sprites and ogres, and the weird goat-leg things from Narnia all come together to gang up on all the poor, otherwise normal, creatures of the universe. Why? Because logic says they have to.

But logic is kind of a douchebag. So we ignore it when it tries to bully and peer pressure us into doing things we don’t want to. “Jorge, where are you going with this post?”, you might ask. To be completely honest, I’m not sure. Maybe this is just all my frustrations and unused ideas taking on a physical manifestation in the form of words. Maybe I’m doing this all for reasons which Freud would say are to release all of my inner anxieties. Yeah, maybe this is therapeutic.

And maybe the earth isn’t hollow and full of islands of licorice in an ocean of lemonade. We can’t deal with ALL the hypotheticals here, people! The point is…..okay, so imagine the movie Inception. This is just like that. Except, nothing like that.

Side note: Inception doesn’t mean a dream within a dream. Inception is the beginning, the start, the birth of something, which in the movie is the birth of an idea in a person, the very thing the guys worked so hard to replicate, to emulate, to synthesize, to do within the mind of the rich, hopeless, young millionaire with daddy issues in the movie. But whatever. I digress…

I enjoyed this. Maybe this can be a thing I carry on for a while. Or maybe it’ll die, like Audrey II should’ve if Seymour wouldn’t have fed it. (Horrible analogy to make, by the way.) Now, I shall hopefully see you all again, for another…whatever this is. Peace!