Finals Week

So, being a student, I have learned to fear many things: pop quizzes, surprise group projects (in which the teacher picks the groups), and “that one particular teacher”. But the one thing that I have been taught to fear the most is Finals Week.

The thing about Finals Week, is that you are given a test/project for every single class, usually incorporating all things “learned” from throughout the year, up until this point. During the week, there are no more “classes”, yet we still go to our classrooms to take our assigned test/present our assigned project. I personally am quite good at test taking in general, and am usually not afraid of projects, so the only thing that bugs me is that the test/project is worth a significant part of our grade (ranging from 5% to 35%, usually about 20% though).

Considering my Finals Week starts a week from today, all of my teachers have already begun to start “reviewing” for Finals, giving out packets, study guides, and words of wisdom. Of course, the Finals “Week” at my school is only three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), the last two of which are half days. This works pretty well, considering I have 5 days of actual class left before the exams/project presentations begin. I also start my Winter Break (the true glory which all students are eagerly anticipating, and the beacon of light which is the only thing guiding us through this week of hell on Earth) on the Friday after the tests.

So of course, I still am working very hard on all of my last minute work to be ready for “Redbull Week” (for me it’d probably be “Starbucks Week”, although I already drink plenty of that, as you might tell by my last post). As I look back at the past Semester, I see that I’ve come (what I hope to be) a pretty far ways after being the “new kid” this year. I realize that I’m actually surrounded by a lot of people that care (apparently), and have gotten to do some pretty awesome stuff, like play music (through what has been Jazz Band, and Pit Band for the Musical performances, and stuff), help broadcast football games live to the school’s live broadcasting website, and make pretty good times with a lot of the people I have gotten to meet. Journalism, now, also seems like a big part of what I’m doing, along side Music (playing 5 different instruments, attempting to sing, and working on my raps), and writing.

Wait a minute, what am I doing with this post? Is my blog just turning into a long form Facebook post maker? Can’t let that happen. At least not yet….

Any way, this whole thing about Finals Week is pretty important (according to what my teachers say), and so I plan to work hard. I also want to wish all of you, faithful readers, luck on your endeavors, whether or not they may include finals week.

Lastly, I want to apologize for another, non-humorcentric post. To make up for it, I wanted to post some videos.

First up, a video of something funny. Note: Funnier if Asian, or Mexican, or Both. Enjoy!

Then, something for the people that enjoyed my more serious stuff here. Note: Jazz…



Existential Musings in a Second Story Bedroom.

Humanity is a funny thing. As long as we’ve been here, we’ve always wondered “Why?”. “Why are we here? What purpose does our existence serve? Would you like some fries with that?”

And so we spend a lot of time wondering about things that we:
A.) Obviously don’t have an answer to, and
B.) Historically, have been really bad at answering.

I mean, honestly, the great ancient Philosophers (Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Captain Underpants) have all had their battles with these questions, with no side seeming to come out victorious. I doubt that we will ever truly be able to win the war. “But Jorge, we have better weapons, and strategies, and cool looking posters!” Yes, we do. But so do they.

My point here is not to try and answer these questions. This is not my place (at least not now, anyway). I’m also not trying to deter anyone else from pursuing these answers. I am simply trying to address the fact that these questions are there. Remember, this blog isn’t for you, it’s for me. (Another funny thing about humanity: as much as we like to think that we are all good by nature, evil still exists, and so does simple bad, such as being selfish.)

I also have those questions, those doubts, fears, and ideals, that seem to come out whenever I ponder the immensity, complexity, and purpose of our universe. In the grand scheme of things, why does it matter what I do? Why will it matter that I’m here and not there, or that I’m here at all? In reality, maybe it won’t.

Now, don’t get discouraged! If this post isn’t all that funny, I can hopefully get away with it at least attempting to be uplifting.

The whole purpose of what we do probably won’t matter in the “Grande Scheme of All Things”, but we don’t know what the “Grande Scheme of All Things” is. Those are just a bunch of words to us. We live in our own, immediate, universe. And our immediate universe is directly affected by what we do. But that’s only a single way of looking at it.

We also exist on one of the biggest things we all know and can relate to: the Earth. The awesome thing about the Earth is the Butterfly Effect: that one small thing can grow in size and become something much greater. (Like the wings of the butterfly flapping, causing hurricanes on the other side of the planet, which we all know is what causes hurricanes.) So in that sense, all the things we do affect someone or something else, so everything we do is important. This might not work out in the “Grande Scheme of All Things”, only because butterflies don’t live in outer-space (as far as we know…).

So continue to live, and think about why what we do matters, and such. Sorry about such a late post, and such a not-humorcentric one, either. But I thought this was something interesting. Give me feedback, and stuff. Hopefully stuff. Peace!…

(How to Write a Blog Post)


The topic (in the title!) kind of explains the post, and considering how many articles (and such), there must be on the topic (somewhere, right?), I thought I’d take a different approach.

So, while there might not need to be any sort of structure, necessarily, there are certain things we do need. When I write, I like to hook my audience right away. (Read the very first line again…) I think you need to get a person’s attention before you can truly maintain it.

“But what do you do with a person’s attention once you have it, Jorge?” Whatever you want. Or in this case, whatever I want.

So, I had a dream I was in a dubstep video. It was horrible. There were two dudes, one dressed like Michael Jackson, and the other in a straight-jacket, and they were bleeding, and dancing, and torturing small animals, and then one started turning into smoke, and the other started doing something weird, I don’t even remember. I’m pretty sure I woke up out of breath and sweating. It was weird. And what made it weird was that the background was like a really green, open field with a beautiful, blue sky during the day time. It really messed with me.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Random stories help carry along the overall message of what you’re trying to get across. That’s another thing, have something you’re trying to give the audience. In this case, a bunch of nonsensical and ridiculous advice on writing a blog. Not that I encourage you all to write a blog, necessarily. Mostly because it isn’t all that great. This is also mostly just to fill another post, for another day, but I also want to explain my “process”, whatever that means…

And so, also include media. People love to hear, watch, and see things. So to conclude this post, everybody’s favorite rapping father, straight out of RJHS, Father Steele.

After thoughts:

Well, there that was. How does that compare to the first post? Leave comments, share with friends, etc.  Cool.  Peace!

What is this, I don’t even…?

So, this here, users of the internets, is a blog. But not just any blog, it is a Magical blog. Here, woodland sprites and ogres, and the weird goat-leg things from Narnia all come together to gang up on all the poor, otherwise normal, creatures of the universe. Why? Because logic says they have to.

But logic is kind of a douchebag. So we ignore it when it tries to bully and peer pressure us into doing things we don’t want to. “Jorge, where are you going with this post?”, you might ask. To be completely honest, I’m not sure. Maybe this is just all my frustrations and unused ideas taking on a physical manifestation in the form of words. Maybe I’m doing this all for reasons which Freud would say are to release all of my inner anxieties. Yeah, maybe this is therapeutic.

And maybe the earth isn’t hollow and full of islands of licorice in an ocean of lemonade. We can’t deal with ALL the hypotheticals here, people! The point is…..okay, so imagine the movie Inception. This is just like that. Except, nothing like that.

Side note: Inception doesn’t mean a dream within a dream. Inception is the beginning, the start, the birth of something, which in the movie is the birth of an idea in a person, the very thing the guys worked so hard to replicate, to emulate, to synthesize, to do within the mind of the rich, hopeless, young millionaire with daddy issues in the movie. But whatever. I digress…

I enjoyed this. Maybe this can be a thing I carry on for a while. Or maybe it’ll die, like Audrey II should’ve if Seymour wouldn’t have fed it. (Horrible analogy to make, by the way.) Now, I shall hopefully see you all again, for another…whatever this is. Peace!