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Jazz is Not a Punchline?

So, here’s this video.


My main issue with the movie La La Land is how Seb, the character played by Gosling, is so preoccupied with saving jazz. He wants (what modern jazz musicians would call “straight ahead jazz”, because it’s what is historically the most “jazz” sounding jazz that is still played today, even though fusion, latin, and funk and rock-influenced varieties of the genre, not to mention stuff like Haitian Jazz and the ways in which jazz has been embraced by soul, gospel, and world music traditions, are probably reaching a peak of popularity, and are more than well and alive today) to be “saved,” preferably by him.

Now, I get it. Gosling is making a joke at how this is how the world reacted to him, by sarcastically noting Seb’s ambition to save “jazz,” without caring what people of color had to say about it, even though no jazz musician would tell you that jazz is dead. But this monologue not only reminds us of how flawed Seb’s intentions and worldview are, but it gets away with not really apologizing for treating jazz as a punchline.

See, jazz is thriving because of people who care about it. It might not be in the mainstream, and it might not sound or look a whole lot like what it did in 1959, but it’s not exactly dying. And sure, there’s more amplified and electronics based and augmented instrumentation, and more comingling with other genres, but jazz is doing great. It’s not something to be saved (though it’s not exactly in the mainstream, constantly like it might’ve been in its hey-day), and it’s especially not something to be treated like a punchline to a really awful joke.

Jazz is my worldview, my lens to see the world. I am Mexican, American, a jazz musician, a student, and a catholic. My being fits into these five identities, give or take a few things. But Jazz is at the center of my existence. It is neither a joke nor a dead entity in need of saving.

If you disagree, then that’s fine. Maybe I’m just a musician. Maybe jazz is dead. Maybe I’m seriously in the wrong here. But let me at cry at the wake myself. My eulogy might begin with





A Song


So, it’s been a long day. Here’s a song I’m really digging by a group I really like. I’ll talk more about them later.



Another Wednesday, Another Show: KRCX Show for 10/05/16

Hey all, here’s my show this this week, which I just got done with. What can I say, I love radio!


Here is the link to the article about the lady who found issue with the song “Norf Norf.” It’s great. There’s a twelve minute rant.

Of course, if you want to see what else is going on at KRCX, this different colored text is a link to their website (

Also, listen to them live here!,  y’all!

Valentine’s Day

Hey all.

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m alone, but that’s okay. That’s kind of my own choice, really.

I still think love is worth celebrating. All sorts of love. Love for family and friends, for pets, and for yourself, as well as any significant other(s).

So here’s a lovey-dovey playlist I put together on Spotify. It’s all just explicitly love songs. I made another playlist, that it not all “love songs” per se, but still reminds me of love, but I don’t think that’s the one I’m going to share right now. So here’s love songs.

Anyways, have fun celebrating love. You’ll hear from me more tomorrow.


That Playlist, or Whatever…

So here’s a playlist, with some of the songs I was posted yesterday, and a few more that I’ve added.

I’m fairly proud of this playlist, mostly because it’s a pretty good mount of music, but also because it’s a rough draft, and it’s definitely not near done. So, this is your chance to help!

If you have a specific song that you think I should add, that really is a love song, please send it to me! I would love to add as much music as possible to this list, from all genres, all that speak to the beauty of loving another person.

Anyways, I think that’s it for now. I’m pretty tired.


Love Songs

I feel fairly in love right now? With anyone specific? Not really? (Or maybe I’m lying and there is someone… Either way that’s for me to know, until I feel like talking about it, okay?)


Here’s some songs that are helping me dive into this feel of sudden, random love.

Adele’s “One and Only”


Jason Mraz’s “Beautiful Mess”


Lord Huron’s “The Man Who Lives Forever”


Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”


Bright Eye’s “First Day of My Life”


Lupe Fiasco’s “Sunshine”


Rodrigo Amarante’s “Tuyo”


Honestly, there’s more, but I think I should do a spotify playlist. That’s what I’ll post tomorrow, probably.


Learn Piano!

Hey guys, here’s a really cool video I found!

Isn’t that awesome! I got better just by watching the video. #TriangleDefenceForTheWin


Well, sorry for not posting a lot lately. That will change. Probably.