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The Comedy Duo

I don’t understand how John Mulaney and Nick Kroll had a show on broadway that ran for as long as it did. It’s now a filmed special on Netflix, which is fantastic. Honestly, go watch it. They are dressed up as two old men and it’s raunchy, hilarious, and at times upsetting.

But, watch the video below, and tell me why anyone ever gave these two anything.


Do you have an answer? Because I sure don’t. The video is hilarious, but also there is so much going on.

Check out also this other video.


Seth Meyers admitted that it was too much tuna. The boys won.


Seriously though, these kids work great together.


They’re seriously so funny.


Anyways. Goodnight.



The First Time I Had Coffee

I remember the first time I drank coffee. I was 8 (or maybe 9). It was early in the morning, my dad was having breakfast with us, and my mom always made her and my dad coffee in the morning. I hadn’t ever tasted coffee before, and I don’t remember if I asked my dad what it tasted like, or if he asked me if I wanted to try some. Either way, I tried it. I remembered saying I didn’t like it… and then proceeding to drink more. The next morning I asked my mom to make me a cup, and the rest is history.

Well, if you want to see something similar, watch this video:

These kids reactions are pretty funny, especially the kid in the green shirt.

I also find it rather funny that the one boy says that it keeps you short. I also believed that when I was younger. To be fair, I’m only like 5’6″ now, but that probably has a lot to do with my genetics, and the fact that I come from a long line of short people, than it does with my caffeine intake.

Also worth noting, most of these kids hated coffee, but they’ll more than likely grow up, and then their bodies will essentially run on the stuff. Please don’t grow up…


Caring is Sharing

Hey y’all. First up, watch this video.

Bryan Cranston killed it. I couldn’t stop laughing. IRL I was clutching my chest, repeatedly saying, “Imma need a minute,” to myself, alone in my room as I watched it.

My existence is not lonely, I swear.

Now, here’s this other thing:

These just scream, “I’m trying kinda hard at not trying at all.” Which is just my style.

[Pretty expensive] dress pants that are secretly joggers. I need want this in my life. They’re pricey, but what is the price that you are willing to pay for comfort? Personally, not very much. But if you want to get me something for Christmas that says, “I have lots of money and I wanted to get you something you seemed mildly interested in and might wear a handful of times for novelty, and hen forget you own,” this is exactly that gift!

Actually, I’d probably wear them a lot. Like, too much. But maybe it’s not exactly the “perfect” hypothetical gift to get me. Also, the company that makes these also makes sweats. But I like joggers more.

Another thing for me to share you say? (Have I been in isolation for so long that I’m already hearing voices?)

Google released something cool today too!

LIGHTSABER GAME THING (Sorry, no photo…)

All you need to play is a computer which will run the most up to date version of chrome, and a smartphone on either Apple or Androids’ OS, which can run a web browser (also probably chrome. Sorry, tablets apparently won’t work. On the bright side, you don’t need other humans to play (which is great because there are none around me)!

What do you do? Well, something having to do with Lightsabers and deflecting blasts from Stormtroopers. To be honest my internet is super slow, so I’m still loading it. But, I’ll hopefully be joining… myself… fairly soon!

I swear that I’m fine by my lonesome!

To end this post, here’s everyone’s favorite 12-year old looking pop star, Ariana Grande, talking about how she’s so in the know when it comes to Star Wars, and this isn’t a marketing ploy at all.

Alright y’all, peace!…


So, I know, it’s Buzzfeed, but, I really like this video:


Also, I have found myself, as far as personality goes, as Paul, Mo, and Miloh (played by Quinta, who is my probably favorite Buzzfeed person). Also, the first minute of the video basically sums up this semester, if you consider that I am all three characters in the video, at that point.

Honestly though, it’s a series, and a really good one at that. Check it out. It’s got lots of Quinta!

Anyways, here’s another video, just for fun.


White People

A video of white people talking about white people. Probably my favorite thing right now.

Love y’all, of all colors, but I especially find that white people can be frustrating, sometimes.

Anyways, have a great Saturday.