Hey, so, my name is Jorge. This is my blog.

Where should I begin? I’m a student at Regis University in Denver, CO, and I’m studying music and other cool topics. I’m a Mexican American lover of people, places, things, ideas, and more importantly, sharing. I’m from Colorado, and I rant a lot. I have been told I’m funny, and other times that I need to stop trying to be funny. I like thinking, although hardly have I ever been called philosophical. I can be pretentious, obnoxious, and even annoying, but people still seem to like me… I hope. Although, I seem to be okay with the idea that not everyone you meet in life will love you.

I am a HUGE lover of music, and have A LOT to say, which kind of explains why I started this blog about two years ago when I was but a mere High School Junior.

This is me. I play the bass, among a few other instruments.

I was bored one night, and I remember what a friend told me, about a week earlier, about me having my own blog. He said that it would be funny, and interesting. So I went with it, and posted something that first night. And, although it hasn’t always been funny, it never ceases to be interesting, for both me and my readers (I hope).

Other things you should know: I’m Catholic, a lover of coffee and tea, I play a bunch of instruments and sing. I’m on a mission, currently, to do what the members of the Jesuit order (AKA: the priestly people who run the High School I graduated from and University I currently attend) call, “finding God in all things.” Sometimes my posts get very religious and spiritual, and although I won’t apologizing for trying to live my Faith life, I do hope it doesn’t get on anyone’s nerves too quickly.

I also worked at the Radio station at Regis University, and still DJ there on occasion, so every once in a while I might post a setlist, or links to the things I talk about on air.

Any questions? Email me at Jorge@thedailyjorge.com.

And suggestions for what I might talk about on my radio show? Or Music? Email those to DJHellaJorge@thedailyjorge.com.


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