A Short Post About A Long Conversation

Today I had a chance to spend a lot of wonderful time talking with a really good friend of mine whom I will probably not see for the next month. She will be on the Spiritual Exercises, 30 day silent retreat, and thus in Louisiana and out of reach as of Saturday afternoon. Seeing her was a total case of serendipity, and then the proceeding conversation with her, and which mostly included another mutual friend. The conversation between the two, then three, then two of us involved many topics, including the many strengths and weaknesses of our educational institution, and how it’s so radical in many ways, yet is also overwhelmingly dealing in what is slow work. We then talked about loving people who disagree with us, and the power of language, and how relationship and then analysis can be a tool for growth, both for individuals, but also for groups.

A lot of this challenged and affirmed ways that I feel, and just as importantly, ways that I think.

Anyways, it’s nearly midnight, and I want to pray.



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