Theology , and other Stuff

I’ve been struggling recently. I’m officially a Religious Studies major at Regis University, and it’s really great, especially all of the theology that I get to read and struggle with. But struggling is a key word: how do I define myself within the context of the discipline of Religious Studies? I want to say that I’m a theologian, but I know fully well that I’m not a systematic theologian. I’m also not an ethicist, or a liturgist, or an interfaith dialoguer. Don’t get me wrong, these are all parts of the discipline that I love, but I know fully well that I don’t fit into any one of these topics as well as I would like.

I guess I’m a Latino Theologian, as opposed to a Feminist Theologian (though I am a Feminist) or a Black Theologian. My experience in the church (and even outside of the church) is unique, in that I am a part of two different worlds, never fully fitting into either. That’s the part about being Latino in the discipline of Theology: in all of the different aspects of theology my experience asks me question things from how they are.

In ethics I ask if this reflects a truth of my experience and the experience of the poor and those closest to Jesus. In liturgy I want the different aspects of the liturgy to represent the experience of those whom the church should serve most. In interfaith dialogue I always ask questions about how interfaith relations effect minorities and people on the margins. It’s not simply caring about social issues, but caring about people.

I don’t know if Latino theologian is really a title I can take, but I hope that this is a start.

Anyways, I might have a date later. Who’s to say?



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