Pickles and Tepache

So, I found this video on the Internet.


After I saw this video, I went, “Wow, I would really love to make pickles at home.” Am I gonna do it? Maybe? Do I have enough time to make it? Probably. Do I have the necessary ingredients? Probably not. Am I gonna go out of my way to buy the necessary container for this? Hmm…. who’s to say?

Well, these were the things I was thinking, and then I saw this video…


And I thought, “Wow, this is what I really need in my life. It’s got everything: pineapple, alcohol, an origin in Mexico (which it and I share), and it goes apparently well with Pacifico™.” Of course, now I think I’m actually going to buy the proper vessels for fermentation now, and make my own Tepache. Thanks internet!

If you also make your own tepache, let me know how it goes. Anyways.



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