Post-Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice

So, I’ve returned. I was at the Ignatian Family Teach in for Justice for the 3rd (yes, 3rd) year in a row. But it gets a little crazier this time.

They let me speak at the conference.

That’s right, I directly addressed the 1,800+ people present, including High School and College students, and all of the parents, teachers, administrators, staff, etc. also in the room. I was given my 7 minutes of fame to perfectly and eloquently present on a topic which they (“they” meaning the people at the Ignatian Solidarity Network, who put the event on every year) found fitting, in a manner in which they found fitting. My topic was… immigration.

Yeah, I went to Washington D.C., THE WEEK RIGHT AFTER THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS, to talk about my liberal/leftist/radical/Christian idea that, hey, immigrants are people too. But it turns out that it’s much more than that.

Are you also interested in what I had to say? Well, here is the video of what I had to say.


This was great. The video was great. Well, they left out my powerpoint. But do not be afraid, because below is the link to the powerpoint slides.

Really, you can just play the video in the background, and then listen to me speak as you flip through slides (every slide gets 20 seconds, from the moment I start talking). I might get around to uploading a video where you can see me speak AND see the powerpoint, but I feel like that might not be today. Anyways…

I’d encourage you to visit this website link in blue. There were really some fantastic people that spoke at the conference this year, and it was really, really amazing stuff.The link is a link to the videos of those other speakers.

So, that’s what I did this weekend. I hung out with 1,800 people, ran into Fr. James Martin, SJ, went to Capitol Hill to talk to congresspeople’s offices, and then went to New York for grad school interviews and meetings. It was overall great. Lots of prayer, lots of advocacy, lots of dialogue, and lots of subversion.

I think, for me, the subversion was the best part. And I’d like to end with that. My talking came at a great time. Donald Trump wants to deport 11.5 million people from the country, and talks about how people are criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc. But here I am, telling my truth, my story, my life, and all of the context that up to it. Here is me, talking about how, since 1821, the US has been forcing immigrants, particularly from Mexico, to be subjugated to this awful system, making them the bad guys, crushing their spirits, and then forcing them to work for cheap. Here I am, a product of that system, still somehow succeeding.

I’m grateful for all of the love. Show more love by getting more educated.

Peace. A.M.D.G.


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