Those Who Hunger

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be satisfied.”
-Matthew 5:6

So, toady’s Beatitude is actually pretty straightforward. That is, it’s straightforward if you know what Matthew means by, “righteousness.” Chances are, if you’ve read Matthew before, you may have come to understand his use of the word with, “conduct in conformity with God’s will,” (as the USCCB website points out). The struggling with this Beatitude comes then, not from the text itself, but from what it implies. How exactly does one begin to understand God’s will, and act accordingly?

I think, above all, prayer and discernment are key here. But it’s not simply to want to live God’s will, but to want it with one’s heart and soul, to hunger and thirst for it. When you want this thing that is God’s will above all else, you will be satisfied. God’s will will be done if you put the wanting of God’s will above all else.

This is a short reflection because it makes the most sense. But it is the hardest to live out, because we often want other things for ourselves. It’s not bad to want things, but the root of all of our desires is our desire for God’s will. It’s easier to want to win the lottery than it is to want an end to poverty. It’s easier to want to succeed in your own life than to see success as an equal opportunity for all people, regardless of race, sex, creed, religion, orientation, etc. So that’s why we pray.

Here is the litany of humility, which has been helping me.

A.M.D.G. Peace.


My other reflections on the Beatitudes, thus far.

The poor,
They who mourn,
The meek.

In case you wanted to follow along with what I’m reading.


I chose an image of Blessed Miguel Pro because I feel that he best exemplifies God’s want for us to want his will, regardless of what our life may look life. We life, regardless of what the people around us may want for us, or what society wants fro us. Instead, we focus on what God wants for us, and we do it until we no longer can.

Thank you. A.M.D.G. Peace.


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