A Reflection to Come, and News

So, I’ve been really thinking about two major things. The first has to be deal with divisions, and a call to understanding how to better live my own faith, especially in a very turbulent, polarized social and political climate. I want to read, and write, and reflect on the reading and writing, and so I want to explore one of my favorite parts of the bible. I love the book of Matthew (mostly because Matthew’s writings speak to my daily struggle), and I have noticed that I often overuse or hear others overused the word “blessed.” Specifically, I was forced to really think when I saw this meme:


I realized that, well, not all lives are blessed, necessarily? It’s tricky, but that’s what I want to explore (and yeah, I know, this is a reference to the rhetoric used by people who respond #AllLivesMatter to people who say #BlackLivesMatter, and I get the joke, and I love it, and I’ll work that in, probably, but I also want to read and pray and think and really reflect too, gosh).

All this to say, I will be breaking up my next few blog posts to each cover one of the beatitudes, from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, from the book of Matthew, in the bible. I am no theological expert, but I feel maybe a more public (public used in a loose term, as this blog doesn’t get much traffic) will help me be more critical when necessary to my own thinking, and more forgiving when necessary, also. So, yeah. Expect that here soon. I might not do every single blog as one, but I should be done in the next two weeks with that series if I post every day (somehow, miraculously).

I also just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve gotten on the Pokemon Go hype-train. I’m currently at level 18, and I’m team Valor, though I don’t use gyms a lot. If you don’t know what any of that means, watch this video about it.

Alright everyone, have a good night. You’ll hear from me tomorrow. Peace.



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