Two Decades

So, as of two days ago, I’m twenty years old. In less than 363 days I’ll officially be a “Twentysomething.” The most interesting part of this experience of my own birthday is that I’m feeling within my own self a sense of growth and appreciation for labor that I have not felt in a while. That’s not to say that I don’t work hard, though sometimes I do slack more than I should. What’s especially struck me has been how much I truly cherish both my ability to work hard, and the ability of others to work hard.

The biggest example of this is my experience on my actual birthday, just this Sunday, I went to lunch with my family. My parents, though they may have been foreigners years ago, have made, through many years of labor and love, a home for themselves and my brother and I, here in this country. They have accomplished a lot, and their impact on my life is not lost on me. My brother, too, has worked hard to be able to put himself in a good place, and is willing to continue to work hard to make sure that he lives the life that he is most happy with.

In them I find the example I want to live. Though my future financial situation, and the accumulation of monetary wealth, has never been my biggest priority, I want to be able to work hard to succeed in my own way. For me, that way is a way of love, but my parents and my brother have shown me that that way is also possible, but only through hard work.

I want to work hard for the future I seek for myself and my community.



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