Renewed Vigor

It’s funny that for a kid who spent his summers at writing camp, I sure don’t write often enough…

But, I guess you could say that my life has been filled with renewed vigor. From what? I’m not sure. Possibly another near-death experience (I swear that I must be tallying my near-death experiences into the 20s, maybe even the 30s, at this point). Possibly I was visited by me future self, and the hope of all that I could accomplish has filled me with the drive to truly seize the day. Or maybe I’ve just decided to do something meaningful and worthwhile with my free time.

I’m working at my college over the summer, doing housing and conference stuff. Really, I live the life of an undergrad who refuses to go home for the summer, because it’s just not as fun on the farm. But I’m also not very far from home to begin with.

But I have enough free time to feel myself having to do something with it. I’ve been playing with my instruments, listening to music, trying to write, trying to record, and trying to teach. This weekend I even went to a Jazz Festival in town, and I saw an act play. They were so good, and their leader was still only in his twenties. That had me thinking (and maybe I should add this to the litany of reasons why I could’ve been filled once again with renewed resolve) that I should work harder, to be a young guy in a fantastic spot to be the future of music, the future of leadership, the future of… of us. I could be the future, to help shape what the world will become with the gifts I’ve been given, but only if I hone those gifts.

So I intend to hone those gifts. I’ve decided that writing is one of those gifts.


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