The Problem With Politics

Subtitle: And An Allusion, But Not a Clear Answer, As to How to Fix Said Problem

But seriously, I don’t know how to fix the problem with U.S. politics. Well, a problem with U.S. politics. One of the problems with U.S. politics. This problem:


Honestly, the video demonstrates what I’m talking about. We refuse to work together to solve problems that our country is facing. Instead we point fingers and argue and continue to further polarize ourselves (I saw “we” because this is how most political discourses seem to go, and I see that I am also part of the problem here).

Sure, there are other problems. Our right in our country is the extreme right, and our lift is actually the middle of the actual political spectrum. We don’t actually have any political leaning to any place left of center within our system. We also only have two parties, which is very polarizing. Also, our elections depend a lot on who has the most money (and access to money) to decide who runs, and in turn, who gets elected. We also call ourselves and Democracy, and when we are not feeling as valiant, and Democratic Republic, though we are definitely a Parliamentary Technocracy if we’re being fully honest, and at the end of the day, our system looks a lot more like an Oligarchy than anything else.

But we can start with this problem: We don’t know how to accomplish anything anymore because we don’t spend enough time working towards our problems. We just argue. And blame. And polarize. We are afraid of compromise, which is what this country is built on. Maybe that’s where we should return.



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