In an Age of Hyper-Religious Drama…

(Before all else, sorry for my lack of regular posting, and the fact that my last post was written almost two months ago. I’ll be posting more regularly now, that’s for sure.)

Currently, the Catholic church seems to be tearing (not yet “torn”). People on both sides of the aisle seem to agree on the faith: what it means to celebrate the Eucharist, what it means to for Christ to have died and been resurrected, etc. We struggle, though, on what it means to live out that faith. It’s very disheartening to see how some fellow Catholics are treating people within the LGBTQA+ community, and also disheartening to see how some Catholics are treating Mexican Immigrants and Immigration, the Poor, and those who are marginalized and oppressed within our society. Yet it is almost more disheartening to see how some Catholics are treating their fellow¬†Catholics. We fail to be charitable, at times, and we also fail to be productive and loving in our criticism of one another, both on an institutional as well as an individual level.

We as Catholics are becoming more and more involved in the drama that is playing out across both sides of the aisle. We are allowing ourselves to be moved by spirits that are malicious and not good for our well-being. We are forgetting that Charity is one of the three virtues for which we pray to Mary for strength in when we pray the rosary. We also forget that Charity means more than just an organization which does good for those in need, and the act of giving money or volunteering in that organization. Charity is also the love and respect we show one another, when we know that we love the same God, and are trying to do good for that same God, and in the name of that same God.

So, I pray. I pray that as Catholics we can be no less critical, but still more compassionate and loving, and also more allowing of the Spirit to move within us, to guide all of our thoughts, words, and actions. I pray that we may all be more like Jesus.

Thank you.



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