Hello Friends of the Blog

Hey all. Allow me to begin my saying that it’s been a crazy week.

I’ve been running around everywhere. I’ve been missing multiple buses in a row to events that I might not get to soon experience again, I’ve been combining multiple of my skills for the first time to create an environment and an experience that others have definitely not seen before, I’ve been reading and studying and arguing and struggling and playing and trying my best to love (and failing kind of miserably). I’ve been doing a lot of things that I’m proud of, and a few things I kind of regret.

To put it frankly, I’m crying. And that’s not to say this is rare; I cry fairly often, so of course this is nothing new. No, indeed my tears are not new. But they are very overpowering right now. I could use prayers. I’m not saying I’m in a bad place, or all of this is bad. Often my crying is good, and sometimes it’s bad. But right now, I’m crying, and I don’t really care to differentiate. Please just pray for me.

Thank you.



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