Cantaré Pa’ Todo el Año

First thing’s first: if my post yesterday left you with a sense of desolation/sadness/disdain, here’s Nick’s blog post/reflection on 2015. Again, he has a way with words/succinctness that I have yet to come close to mastering. He’s also uplifting and joyful/hopeful in a way that I just can’t be, right now. But his post made me feel a lot better, so, you know, there’s that.

Anyways, it’s officially 2016! First post of the new year! And what will I dedicate it to? That is a great question.

I have only one answer.

Sad, Mexican drinking songs about lost love and stuff.

Do I feel this way? No!… Maybe…

But I do love this song. And I can relate. Anyways, a version of this was actually featured in the the second season of Mozart in the Jungle, in a really beautiful montage. So for me it’s both happy and sad.

Regardless, the song’s title translates to, “For the whole year” (as in the speaker of the song is saying that you might as well give him all the drinks he would otherwise have for the entire rest of the year). Since it’s the beginning of the year, I would like to think about the rest of the year. Maybe not how much I’m going to drink for the rest of year (probably not much, as my most consistent drink is communion wine, technically the blood of Christ).

Anyways, I was thinking about doing a cover of this song, but I seriously don’t have it in a place where I could do it justice, both of my own performance, and what I have currently available to record such a cover. But maybe soon? While there’s still plenty left in this new year (because I like how the name also refers to it’s place in a time cycle, as well as deeper things).




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