Get Ready For Tomorrow’s Post (AKA: Help Me)

So, tomorrow’s post is going to be a playlist, curated by myself. But I need your help.

Send me music for the playlist! I have a list of songs and artists I want to use, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Commenting below would be a great example of a good way to drop me hints. Also, posting on my Facebook wall, as well as The Daily Jorge’s Facebook wall, if we’re not friends on Facebook.

What kind of music am I look for/what are the guidelines?

I want music that was released in 2015/was most popularized or recognized in 2015. So if it was released in late 2014, but really got noticed in 2015, send it my way. Besides that, it’s fair game.

Want to send just one song? Go for it. An entire album? I might pick one or two songs off the album, but I’d appreciate the submission. If you have just an artist in mind, feel free to send me a song, as well. Oh, and if you’d like to say something about the artist/song/album, please do! Why you picked it, and important moments, anything about the artist or the work.. really anything!

I’ll be compiling all of it, and putting it all into one big Spotify playlist for tomorrow, along with a curated overview of artists, albums, and songs selected.

To thank you in advance for your cooperation, here is a video.



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