A War Among Stars (Spoilers, Bruh…)

So, let’s start off with this:


So, I loved the movie. I thought it was fantastic. I actually thought it was really well done. To be completely honest, I suck at being a nerd, at least right now, in this regard. I haven’t watched every Star Wars movie, all the way through. I have Episodes 1, 3, 4,and 6 completely watched, and most of 5. Only parts of Episode 2 are important, and all of those parts include Ewan McGregor, though I understand the story of all movies. There was no point then, during this movie, which I was either lost of confused. All of it made sense. From the choices in the score by master composer John Williams, to the character subtleties. (Of course, I love Williams’ work. The soundtrack for A New Hope is still some of the most amazing stuff, considering how he blends themes from Western music into the grand, triumphant and bombastic style of Sci-Fi themes.)

I especially loved Rey. As a character, she was amazing, and especially seeing her contrast to Kylo Ren, who we find out is “Ben” Solo, Hand and Leia’s estranged son who was being trained under Luke Skywalker, until he lashed out, and Luke felt guilty for the possible (I didn’t exactly pick up what was going on, but I felt that it was an implied death of other force-sensitive padawans of Luke) deaths caused, and exiled himself. It actually makes me happy to see Rey, not Finn (though, I totally imagined Finn as the next Jedi until I saw the movie), as the next wielder of the Force, and lightsabers, and everything. Rey is so cool! How well she could communicate with Han, how BB-8 trusted her so quickly, how she could pilot ships, shoot blasters, use the force, and even wield a lightsaber!

I think the introduction of these three characters, Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron, was fitting, and it hit everything that the Star Wars lore needed as far as heroes.

Finn and Rey’s relationship, which was built out of concern for each other, and Rey’s strength, and Finn’s loyalty and courage, and then Rey’s care for Finn… it was just so freaking great to see two characters care so wholesomely for each other. That kiss, at the end of the movie, when Finn still appears to be in a coma, and Rey leaves to find Luke Skywalker, as she leaves Finn and kisses him (on the forehead), was also a wonderfl show of affection and care, and maybe none of it was necessarily romantic, but it’s good to see two characters act out of, what I will call love because that’s what it really was, was just so freaking wonderful. It wasn’t sexy, or alluring, or any of that: the two just spent a lot of time watching each other’s backs, and it’s probably pretty safe to say they are developing feelings for each other, and that’s why Finn wanted to save Rey so bad after Kylo captured her. But it was also cool to see Rey fending for herself, being empowered, and so freaking awesome. Truly, Rey is bae.

Even her theme in the score is kick-ass, though that is hugely due to John William’s masterful work.

Of course, the bromance that is Finn and Poe (though there are definitely those who are convinced that’s the actual romance of the movie, which they are entitled to believe, even if they’re wrong… though the fan fiction might be pretty great) is pretty awesome as well.

It’s always great to see the relationship between two guys as both acceptable and even necessary. Like, honestly, the fact that these two hugged after they realized they were both alive was exactly like I would’ve reacted. I’m a hugger. And I love my friends.

It was also interesting to see Kylo Ren turn out to be Han and Leia’s son. Which is interesting, because even the the Extended Universe is no longer canon, it was also a son of Han and Leia’s (one of two twins, the other being a force-sensitive girl) that also turned to the dark side, and was one of the major villains there, and who also spent time being trained by Luke.

The death of Han Solo, at Kylo’s hands (meaning “Ben” Solo killed his own father) was utterly devastating, though not completely surprising. I still cried in the theatre though…

I think, most of all, I have hope. I hope Luke might come back, which he probably will, and will also train Rey (who’s my official favorite). I hope that Finn will wake up, which he will more than likely do. I also hope that we actually see Lord Snoke’s physical body. He’s still the most mysterious figure in the new movie.

Above all though, I enjoyed it. You did good, Abrams, you did good.



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