A Rant Against… Dimissal

I don’t currently have the patience to write an actual rant, so please bare with me…

I’m really bothered by people.

No, I don’t mean by all people, but I am bothered by people who dismiss others arguments. I mean, not by finding a flaw in an argument, or actually arguing, but by tearing down an argument with another, almost unrelated argument.

For example, a lot of people are attacking much of the protesting that’s been going on across college campuses. The main logic behind dismissing the protesting is that it’s just another example of, “spoiled millennial brats throwing a tantrum since things aren’t going their way.”

But, I don’t know.

I think something about the very real presence of racism in the United States is a big issue, worth, at the very least protesting. I mean, Martin Luther King Jr fought for civil rights, and he was murdered for those same beliefs. Corky Gonzalez and Cesar Chavez also fought for equal treatment. And yet, 50 years later, people’s lives are still inherently threatened, and inherently unequal.

Of course we’re protesting that things are, “not going [our] way”, but if “not going [our] way” equates to death threats, and the lack of seriousness of said death threats, then we have no choice but to act.

Now, I do agree that there is a crisis in terms of people not listening to each other. Often times, people are coddled and there is no challenge for us to grow. We don’t listen to those who disagree with us, because there is no need for us to. We don’t need to be uncomfortable anymore.

But, in the uncomfortable, there is the opportunity to grow as people, both individually, and collectively.

When we shut out the well rationed arguments of those who think differently, we might be able to better form our own arguments. Dialogue is key. The lack of it is… disturbing.

But I would argue that this crisis, this lack of dialogue, is not a generational thing, due to too many participation awards and always being told that everyone is special and important. It’s a comfort thing, and Baby Boomers show this trend just as much as Millennials. Why else would a Baby Boomer use an Ad Hominem attack on a movement of solidarity in support of students of color, specifically black students, instead of arguing against the arguments of the students.

Oh right, because you can’t argue with facts, and it’s not kosher to support racism. Arguing free speech, even for death threats and hateful rhetoric isn’t really acceptable, especially in a “color blind society.”

[I also have a real problem with that phrase, but that’s a rant for another time.]

So, instead of arguing race, it becomes an attack against those arguing. “Let’s blame their generation for being entitled, and take away any merit from the words those kids are saying, so we don’t come out sounding like racists.” That also sounds like comfort. But if there is merit in being uncomfortable, doesn’t that also include listening to the student protestors and seeing where they come from. “The millennial generation lacks empathy.” Maybe that’s because the older generations are refusing to teach it.

On that mic drop, I’ll say that my biggest flaw in my rant was a lack of cited sources. Oh, and my choice of pronouns throughout. With that being said, I welcome this as an opportunity for dialogue, and a healthy bit of argument.

Have a happy, peaceful, grateful Thanksgiving Holiday.



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