A Week of Anticipation/The Downside of (Too Much) Anticipation

So, my hell week is over. It actually ended Friday night, and I got to celebrate with a good friend of mine, and some new friends on that night.

Now, I hold in myself a week of anticipation. See, on Saturday morning, I’ll be leaving with the Regis delegation to the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in D.C. It’s going to be an incredible experience, especially going back. And this week is a little slower, with no tests, no performances, just one paper I need to submit a “final” draft for, a quiz later in the week, a few events for Diversity week here, which my Student Government committee is in charge of, and prep work I’ll be doing throughout the week for this weekend.

I am very excited for the Teach-In, and I’ve already started packing. But, with that in mind, I know that there is a need for my own cautiousness in this matter. There is a danger in anticipating, though that anticipation can be fun. I need to be realistic in knowing my own expectations, and in a lot of ways, avoid having any. Expectations have been my own downfall before. But in knowing that this might be a problem, I am helping myself be proactive in avoiding it.

What I ask now is for prayers, for my delegation to the Teach-In, for the Teach-In as a whole, and for the members of congress that we’ll be meeting with, that they might find their hearts open to what we say, and that the Holy Spirit move them in action that is more loving, and more caring for the dignity of all Human Beings.

Also, I’ll be getting on a train for the first time in my life (alone), and visiting New York for the first time in my life (also alone), as well as flying back from there (again, also alone), so, though that’s the very last part of the trip, please pray for me in that as well. Thank you.



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