Extra (Salty)

Do you enjoy crying? Are you into cutesy stuff? Do you enjoy crying at cutesy stuff? Do you enjoy gum commercials? Do you fall especially quickly for arguments rooted in Pathos?

Well then, I have the youtube video for you!

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that this cat’s name is Juan. Like, there’s a good chance he’s supposed to be Hispanic. It bugs me a little that he looks explicitly white, and that there is no nod within the video that he could be Hispanic/Latino. Since this is supposed to be a commercial, no one will see the title, so the only indicator that this cat might be Hispanic/Latino suddenly holds no weight. If this was Extra’s attempt at diversity, even as a last minute “good will” effort, a candle cannot be held to it. If they honestly tried to make this guy Hispanic/Latino, as more than a simple last minute call, then it’s a shame that he’s so white looking, and there’s no attempt at trying to make him less Anglo. So, it’s probably just a name.

So this probably isn’t a mixed couple (so it’s not intentionally trying to be progressive, which is good, because it’s not). But that’s alright. I mean, to an extent.

WITH THAT BEING SAID, I still cried at the video, so don’t take me willingness to read this in a “chicano” or “colorist” critique (or whatever the racial equivalent to feminist critique would be, in this instance) as me not enjoying it.

You can enjoy things, while still actively understanding where they misrepresent and underrepresent minorities, and in other cases, undermine and stereotype minorities.




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