Obama’s Playlists

So, if you have followed my blog for long enough, you’ll know two things about me. First of all, I post lots of Spotify playlists, thanks to DJing at the college radio station for the last year. Second, you’ll know that summer will soon be over for me.

So, when President Barack Obama decided to drop two Summer Spotify playlists, entitled both “Day” and “Night” respectively. That’s totally wicked, but Barry, it would’ve been much appreciated to have gotten these like a month ago!

Anyways, here they are. Here is the Playlist entitled “Day.”

And here is “Night.”

There’s lots of really good stuff on both lists, including tracks from Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, Coldplay, John Coltrane, Florence + The Machine, Miles Davis, and lots of others. They are worth a listen, for sure.

Alright kiddos…



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