Revolutionary Love

So, a person with whom I am friends on Facebook, and whos stuff I follow a lot of the time (she posts really smart, eloquently written, and insightful things, and is a very strong, loving, and intelligently minded person), recently posted something which really caught my interest. She is involved in many Human and Civil rights advocacy campaigns, including #BlackLivesMatter, which I deeply respect, and I would say that most Human and Civil rights issues pique her interest (I would say all, but for someone to be able to notice everything that’s going on in the world, that would need to be their full time job, and she is actually a full time student, so, you know, some stuff gets missed, but she does get me to notice a lot).

She recently posted this quote on Facebook, from Rosa Clements:

Everyone wants to be a revolutionary, but cannot even practice the concept of revolutionary love.

Honestly, this speaks to me. As a Catholic, Jesuit educated, and Socially interested individual with deep concerns and passions in the struggle for Human and Civil rights, my understanding of the rights of all people is that, first and foremost, we are called to serve and stand in solidarity with all people, especially the most poor and marginalized in our society. The starting place is love. We start with this radical love, first for ourselves, and as a Catholic, also for God, and then spread that love to the people around us. But, in order to truly serve, my understanding is that it is important to love all people. Especially the people you find it hardest to relate to. Especially to the person insulting and ridiculing you. Especially the person cashing in on the profits of your success, making it easier for themselves, but harder for you.

But also, we must see that we too do that to others, and where we do that, we repent. We stand in solidarity, we ask for forgiveness, and we learn. Then, we learn where our service is needed, by asking. We work together, serve together, learn together. We encourage each other, help each other grow, and we learn to carry the load together.

Life is, to me, about love. It isn’t even about talking about God, but letting people learn to know and love God, through your actions, your thoughts, and your words. We serve each other, and love each other, not so that we may also be served and loved, but that through this action, we may come to know ourselves better (before God).

I talk about God a lot, but for me, that’s the starting place. God is everywhere. And, if I act correctly, maybe others may find God through me. I don’t mean to preach, or to act self-righteous. I’m far from being anywhere near perfection. But that’s the beauty! If people may see, in my actions and thoughts and words, the glory of something greater, then there really is hope.

Thank you for reading this rant. I hope it suffices.



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