Serious Update…

So, I only want to as much about this as I feel like I have to.

Brielle and I decided that it is in our best interests to no longer be together. (Oh, big shocker, they’re breaking up, again.)

But this time it’s for realsies. I hold no bad feelings for her, and vise versa. She still is doing a blog about her time in New York, and such, and I’ll be a big time supporter of that, as you might see in the next few weeks.

But, this split has made me want to blog more, so I’ll be taking this blog more seriously. It might be sporadic, as I find my correct footing, again, but trust me, it’ll be well worth it.

Thank you guys all so much, for the support and love and everything.

Please, pray for Brielle, and also for myself, as we deal with this, and other transitions in our lives. Things will be okay.

Thank you all.



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