Good Tidings

So, the first few days of being 19 have gone exceptionally well. I don’t really foresee many problems occurring with my new age identity, but I guess that’s expected with the short amount of time I’ve spent on it.

Anyways, today was a great day off from work. Although I have to wake up rather soon, I’m still happy knowing that when I do wake up, I’ll be a better person for the day I had today. I spent a good chunk of it with my parents, and Brielle, and then also at a graduation party. Really, it’s been a pretty fantastic day.

I’m grateful to be working with people, and coffee, tomorrow, although I can accurately say that my body is not currently physically excited for this. But that’s fine. I’ll be ready for it when I wake up!

I guess just overall I’m very content with how this crazy life of mine is working out. Honestly, I’m still very grateful for all of it. I’m also grateful for the birthday wishes, and for everyone who spent time with me in the last few days as a celebration of my time thus far.

Thank you all.



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