And Now, He’s 19.

Growing old is bittersweet. Especially when you seem to remain 5’6″, with slim to no chance of gaining any height. But height is only one measure of growth. Love is another. But Love is difficult to measure. Do you measure it in how the individual loves others, or how others love the individual? Or both? And if it’s both, to what extent do you rely on one over the other? Isn’t one usually a show of the other, though? Or not really? Am I ranting? Yes.

Hello, and welcome back to the Daily Jorge. Over the last month in which I haven’t posted, I have finished out my second semester of my first year of college with at 4.0 GPA. I have also gotten a job at a coffee shop, moved in with a few friends into one of the “suburbs” of North Denver. And it’s been pretty awesome. I think now, for sure, is my official growing up. I’m out of the dorms, and out of my parents house, or any other sort of supervision by adults. Now, I’m basically an adult. Life is crazy. Life is moving fast. Life… is.

To be honest, I never thought I’d make it this far. But I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for friends and for family and a job and my education and for wonderful opportunities. I’m grateful.

My last month since last blogging has been a much needed break from life, in order to focus on… life. And I couldn’t be more grateful for that. If you have yet to notice, gratitude is sort of the, “in” thing, now.

So, yeah, I’m 19, and I’m in love with life. I’m in love with living. I’m in love with a certain girl by the name of Brielle, who by the way is going to be pursuing Theatre at NYU in New York City. I’m just, I’m really grateful.

I want to simply thank all of you who are reading this post, whether you are long-time supporters of the blog who are happy to see me posting again, and those who have not read it before, and this is your introduction. If that’s so, then I hope you choose to stick around. I’d love to have you on this beautiful ride. I know that I have made it 19 years, and maybe I’ll make it another 19. Either way, I’m just happy to be here.

Lastly, I will look towards the future. While being is great, it seems that being is only one part of a gift. The rest is the ability to do something with that being. I think that’s been my problem. Sometimes I’m just happy to be involved in the game, included in the conversation, or simply mentioned. But now, I hope to use the gift of being to also be more than that. I want to be a key player, a strong voice in the conversation, and the name that means the most when mentioned, if not the person, of value, doing the mentioning.

So, to conclude this, two statements. First, thank you for reading this. Second, I hope to write more things, of quality, which will in turn again be read in the future, and will be worthwhile.

So, here’s a video:

Peace! 🙂


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