Back from L.A.

So, I’m finally back from East Los Angeles. Honestly, it was such a memorable experience, and although I am only a day removed from the trip (I got back around 1:30 am last night), I do feel a lot of the experiences coming together in a more meaningful way. I have a lot of writing that I did on the trip that I need to begin the process of transcribing, and then compiling it so that I can have a pretty solid blog post/online reflection about.

But, if there is one thing that I can already say about this trip, I’m grateful that I got to experience it. I can also feel myself fully coming to terms with all that I did and saw, not because there was anything bad that happened, but because it was a very intense experience, and I always feel that with these types of experiences, distance is needed in order to grasp the fulness of it.

I think I feel the calling to live a life that is not secure, and that is not comfortable, in order to do the greatest amount of good, but even that isn’t a fully thought out reflection.

Anyways, thank you all for your love an prayers. Much more stories to come, soon!



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