Types of Catholics

Here’s this video I found. It’s pretty true, though it’s missing one:

Here’s the one it’s missing, and a description I found:

“Jesuites. People who love the Jesuit tradition, also known as the Society of Jesus. These people have been to a Jesuit High school and/or University. They have an extremely accurate knowledge of St. Ignatious’ history and tradition. They strive to always serve for the Greater Glory of God (AMDG). The Jesuites will always be trying to help others who are poor and on societies margin. Most commonly, you will see Jesuites RAVING about Pope Fransis and have nicknames for him “papa frans.” Jesuites regard themselves as the “Jedi” of the catholic tradition and have had non-catholics admit it to them. Jesuites are the best!”



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