“Ain’t it a Bit Racialist, Right…”

Okay, so, take heed to the Allie G quote that is this blog’s title. Here’s John Green on things:

And Here is Macklemore’s Interview on Hot 97 on the same topic, except at the radio station that had the Azealia Banks interview in which she calls out Iggy Azalea. This interview took place a week later, and what do you know, Macklemore turns out to tell people, basically, exactly what needs to be heard at what’s of the core of the issue:

Incase watching an hour long interview isn’t your thing, HERE IS BUZZFEED TO GIVE YOU BASICALLY ALL THE GOOD PARTS OF IT AND STUFF THAT YOU MIGHT WANT TO PICK OUT, although the interview is really good and definitely worthwhile if you’ve got the time.

Also, I liked this video from Collegehumor, which speaks to a lot of things, including consumerism and stuff, but also like, New York and that culture. It’d be cool if I could visit that place/live there for a few months soon…

Anyways, besides all this racial stuff, which is very important to me, because dialogue, I am happy to say that I have a week left in winter break and it’s going well.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my longtime supporter of the blog/friend/mentor, Janet. I realized recently that I can thank people in a virtual world all I want, but when it comes down to it, really, you need to appreciate people in the real world more often, by being there. I can say that I had a hectic semester all I want, and even though that holds true, I still need to appreciate people with presence regardless of that. If people are your priority, then you will find a way to be there for them. I can definitely say she’s done that a lot more in the last six months than I have.

Okay guys, peace!…


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