“Only One”

Hey, so, it’s 2015. It’s been more than a week since my last post, but I’ve had serious complications with getting back from places I was visiting, and then getting to other places, and then getting back from those Other places. Suffice to say, internet was a bit nonexistent these last two weeks or so. But, I’m finally back, after a hectic (but also wonderful) Christmas and New Years, as well as a very much needed retreat in Louisiana before all of that.

I won’t go into much detail about where I’ve been, or how long I’ve been there, but I will say there’s been a lot of driving. I’m honestly just glad to be back… even though “back” is technically still my parents’ home. I won’t be back at school for another week or so, but that’s alright, too.

Anyways, I’ve currently been listening to Kanye West and Paul McCartney’s new collaboration, which is the song “Only One.” Stereogum and Rollingstone have both done fantastic jobs of explaining the song, and what this collaboration might mean. I think my place is just to share the song, which is currently streaming at Kanye West’s website. It’s really beautiful. I wanted to cry listening to it, even though…. okay, it has Kanye with autotune, which, I know, not the greatest thing in the world. But this might be a fun song to cover. It’s really just beautiful.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for the fact that we are in a new year, and have so many new opportunities ahead of us. This blog will more than likely grow this year, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. But I’m also in college, and alive, and even still have this next week to finally take it easy. I’m very grateful for all of these things.



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