That Retreat Life

Hey guys, so, I’m going to be on retreat for the next few days. Technically, I fly out to Louisiana tomorrow, and then I fly back out on Monday the 22nd. The thing is that I fly back at night, and then I’ll be driving out to Texas. Oh, and it’s basically a silent retreat. So, don’t expect to see any new posts for the next week or so. The Daily Jorge is taking a much needed vacation. Since I won’t be back for about a week, any new posts will definitely have to deal with whatever happens in the next few weeks.

Now, I will take this time to wish all of you a very blessed Holiday season. Merry christmas, Happy Hanukah, Blessed Kwanzaa, and even though I’ll be back before this, Happy New Years. May any travels you undergo be safe and deliver you to your destination with ease. May you feel joy, love, happiness, and warmth, and may we all remember those who are all too often forgotten in this season. May we remember the hungry, the poor, the homeless, those who find themselves alone, and those whose plans are turned upside down. Remember these people, in your thoughts, prayers, and actions. May you go forth, and set this world on fire.

This Daily Gratitude is for you.



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