The End of a Legacy: The Final Days of the Colbert Report

Realizing tonight that I was probably seeing the last on-air premiere showing of a new episode of the Colbert Report that I’ll ever get to see, I am now saddened that after nine long years, one of my favorite TV shows will be off the air in only a matter of days. See, I remember watching the first episode of the Colbert report with my brother, nine years ago. At that point, Stephen Colbert was starting his own show after having been a pundit on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for a few years. The show didn’t strike me as too crazy, except that I was only in 4th grade at the time, and I really didn’t understand the humor of satire at the time. Of course, my older brother was watching this, and as we shared a room, I watched it with him. It was interesting, of course, because he got a lot of the humor, and then would try to explain it to me. He was six years older, a High School Junior, and loved it all, of course.

To be fair, it was a great opportunity for me to broaden a lot of my tastes in television. Honestly, my brother is the reason for a lot of my music, comedic, and entertainment tastes. The Daily Show, and later The Colbert Report, are shows that I enjoyed and continue to enjoy because of his exposing me to them at a young age.

Now, I realize that tomorrow I’ll probably need to go to sleep early to catch a morning flight to Louisiana, where I will be spending the next few days on a retreat, so I won’t have the opportunity to watch the final episode of the Colbert Report, or even tomorrow night’s Penultimate episode. I’ll watch them next week when I come back, but at that point the entire world will have already talked about it, analyzed it, and then moved on from it, in waiting for Stephen Colbert to move onto his next gig, as host of the Late Show, which currently is being hosted by David Letterman.  At that point, my watching it will have been old. But I don’t care. Most of the time I don’t worry about missing an episode of the Colbert Report, but this episode is the end of a legacy, and this show, and the person known as Stephen Colbert, have changed the entertainment industry since its arrival. Now, It’s my duty to watch, and repay what this man has given me so many times in my life: knowledge, laughter, joy, understanding, and something to occasionally cuss at. Thank you, Stephen Colbert.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Stephen Colbert.



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