Crazy Stuff, Bruh

Alright, so I write this knowing that soon I will be crossing the threshold, and entering Hell Finals Week.

Last night, though, I got to go to Not So Silent Night, a concert event put on but Denver’s local big rock radio station. Um, it was incredible. I mean, it was Modern Suspects (a local band, which I honestly didn’t enjoy too much, but they opened), Half Moon Run, Vance Joy, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Cage the Elephant. And man, was that a crazy show.

Half Moon Run is one of my favorite bands. They’re from Canada, and man, they kill it. Like… it’s simply unreal. Just… just watch this video:

Simply killing it. Ugh!! I was very excited to see them, and it really was everything I wanted and more.

For example, “Full Circle,” live!

Next up was Vance Joy, who was actually fantastic live. I mean, he’s a singer/songwriter in the truest of forms. Very indie, very folksy, very… awesome! At one point, he performed “Georgia,” to which the audience responded by turning on the flashlights of their phones and waving them, lighting up the entire venue. After the song, he said that was the first time that’d ever happened while he was performing, and thanked the audience, calling the moment “beautiful.”

Here’s Vance Joy performing “From Afar,” a song that I enjoyed very much live:

After that, we got to see Fitz and the Tantrums, a band I didn’t know how I felt about before. They are great performers, even if still not one of my top bands. Here’s their performance of “Out of My League”:

Lastly, Cage the Elephant. I mean, their frontman crowd surfing. A ton! They closed the show, but not before an incredible encore. Here’s a few vids from their performance.

Sorry if the quality for these vids isn’t that great. These things.. happen. The videos I took were just… you know, worse.

Okay, cool stuff. My daily gratitude is for last night’s performers. You made it such an incredible experience, just… thank you!



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