ELECTION SPECIAL: 11/4/14 Radio Show on KRCX

To start off this post, it’s election day. Guys, make sure that you make your voice heard today, and if you can, go vote!

Here’s the playlist from my show:

As always, if you have any song recommendations, feel free to send me those at DJHellaJorge@thedailyjorge.com.

Also, if you have the chance, check out the NEW KRCX WEBSITE, which I got the pleasure of helping design, and for which I am now the webmaster.

As well, I’m still trying to grow out my mustache for Movember, so please help support me in that endeavor.

Lastly, if you still haven’t voted, are eligible for it, and still have time in your day, visit this website to show you where you can go to vote.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is to live in a country where at least I still can exercise my civic right to vote, regardless of what other evils live also in this nation, opposing other actions I may take.



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