Updated Website???

So, the Daily Jorge just got a facelift. It’s actually really awesome. The old website was great, but this new website is just so incredible.

So, to commemorate that, everyone should get a DAILY JORGE T-SHIRT. There’s less than two days left to get one, and the clock is ticking down to buying one!

In other news, today was a pretty brutal day. It was fantastically difficult to get through. But that’s okay. I’m currently watching the Southpark episode where Stan gets dumped by Wendy, and then joins the goth kids, and then Butters thinks he’s dating a waitress from “Raisins,” a spoof of “Hooters.” When Butters is dumped (by the girl simply making it clear that they were never even close to dating at any point), Stan and the goth kids run into him moping in the rain, on the street. Butters then makes it clear that although he’s sad, he doesn’t hate life, as was Stan’s reaction to being dumped. Instead, he embraces his pain, because in his pain he knows he’s alive, and that in his lows there can be even higher highs.

That’s a sort of how I currently feel. Although life is rough, I’m glad it is. I know I’m alive, at least.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friends, who are with me, even when I seem to feel alone.



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