To Be or Not?

So… Hamlet. One of my two Halloween costumes. That’s a long story. To shorten (and vastly over-simplify it) my Hamlet costume is for when I’m around small children when they come to my college to receive free candy (which is a sponsored event), and my other costume (which I don’t think I’ve mentioned as to what it is) is for later that night, when I go get candy/make friends.

So, I’m memorizing the big freaking monologue from Shakespeare everyone and their mother knows… about.

To be fair, though. I already memorized the, “Alas, poor Yorick!” monologue. I also have a prop skull. But it’s Halloween, I might not even need to carry it around. Still, it’s perfect that I already at least knew that one.

Speaking about the end of November, help me raise some money for causes having to do with Men’s Health, as I do my best to grow a mustache to raise awareness about Men’s health issues.

Click on the mustache below or these few blue words to check out the link of how to donate/also help raise awareness/grow a mustache for change.


Also, there’s still time to get one of the Daily Jorge T-shirts! Click on these blue words, or the shirt below, to get one while you still can!


Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my R.A. Chris, who’s birthday was today. Thanks for being a great R.A.!





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