Hella Mustache, Bruh

Guys, I’m participating in Movember. No, I mean, I’m registered to grow a mustache for Movember, like for men’s health causes. “Register,” you say, “Jorge, why would anyone do that?”

Here’s a video explaining why:

Samuel L. Jackson always has a point.

Okay. So, here’s a page where you can register (women can also register to support in the rally/cause, although they aren’t asked to grow mustaches as well).

Here, you can join my team, and together we can raise money for the cause. Also, you can donate money for the cause, and through the link you’ll also find links for every question you may need.

Speaking of… websites? (I hope that works as a good enough segway….) I’ve decided that nay extra cash made from the shirt sales (THE DAILY JORGE SHIRTS!!!!) will be donated to the cause of Movember.


Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Mrs. Wuertz, for helping me out when I needed it. I was put in a tough situation, and you decided to help me without having had to. Thank you so much!



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