Judging Based on Chai

I enjoy ordering Chai lattes everywhere I go. I like the taste, sure, but I have one other major reason for it. It’s my standard for deciding how good a new cafe/local eatery is. This is pretty standard, because if they don’t put effort into their Chai, then thy won’t put effort into anything they might make. On the flip side, if a place has phenomenal Chai, it is definitely a must to eat something as well, because they more than likely put about as much effort into making sure they have food (and other stuff) as good as their phenomenal Chai.

Maybe it’s a flawed system, but it’s been a pretty good gauge. Of course, it’s only the first step in deciding how much I like a place, but it helped me find what may be my new favorite cafe, today.

So, here’s a video:

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Chai.



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