LIVE: Today’s Radio Setlist/Other Stuff

Alright, here are a few things before I get to my setlist for today’s show.

FIRST OFF: If you have ANYTHING to send me (fanmail, requests for the blog, interesting stuff to share) you can send me things AT!

In the same vein, if you have any requests for my radio show (Tuesdays, from 5-6 pm, mountain time), just email me at


Check out the radio station website! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on twitter! Instagram(?)




Guys. Buy. These. Damn. Shirts. Seriously, they’re super cool, and we’re still at 3 out of 15. They must be soooooold. C’mon, time to start buying!

Okay, here’s the setlist…

First, here’s my intro song, along with all of the cool stuffs that I played to introduce my show!

THEN, Here’s the playlist!

Again, if you have requests, just email Or, you can always call in during the show. I’ll start to give out that number on air a lot more often.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friend Rebecca, for coming out to talk on the show, with me! Thanks again, Rebecca, I had so much fun on the air with you!




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