Gone, Gurl

So, last night my friend Erik and I got to see the movie “Gone Girl.” It was seriously such a good movie, although it’s definitely rated R for a reason. It’s so… crazy. Very, very intense, and the plot never goes where you first expect it to go.

It got an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Seriously, it’s a much watch if you’re not afraid of a little blood. Also, it’s got Neil Patrick Harris as “Not-Barney,” and also Tyler Perry as, “Not-Madea.” Also, Ben Affleck as, “Missourian Ben Affleck.”

But it’s really good.

Also really good? My T-shirts. Buy one. I’m not posting a photo in this blog post, but seriously you should click on this blue line and buy one. They’ll be great, I promise.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for Cristin Milioti. Besides “Once: The Musical,” she”s also kind of just beautiful and super talented. This, for instance.

(From the show, “How I Met Your Mother.”)



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