Straight Acting a Fool

Straight acting a fool…

…that’s what you’ll be doing if you don’t buy a shirt:



Seriously, there’s 18 days left to buy one, and there’s only 12 more until we reach the goal! Please, support! This would be so cool if I could get them made, this time around.


Today I find myself at my parents house. I have a long weekend, and so I decided to come back for the first time in about… 6 weeks. Oh, my…

It’s been interesting. One of the first things I’ve gotten out of this trip is that the Freshman 15 is very real, and I hate it. Seriously, I need to start eating healthier, and doing more exercise.

Also, I find myself going to a local Buddhist temple tomorrow for the first time ever, to complete a field report on the usage of music in religious celebrations and services for my World Music class. Yay, field work!

College is actually pretty fun. I hope everyone stays safe and makes not terrible good decent decisions this (long) weekend.

Today’s Daily Gratitude is for my friend Erik, who I will be seeing in a little bit to go see a movie. Also, it was his Birthday yesterday, so Happy Birthday, Erik!



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